Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cockadoodle Doo!

fINISHED THE NEW CURTAINS! I wanted the kitchen accessories to be a brighter red. And So i found this material .  And bought some checkered material.
Added the checker to the top and tie and lined the back.
Then i started accessorizing adding , taking away. ! Went to Hobby Lobby and bought some more cute chef"s
Added some checkered material to this for a towel for Mr. Chef.
Mr. Gino was just exausted from momma up late making curtains(left) . So i didn't wake him to move !
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  1. Adorable! Love the fabric and my goodness, you are one talented girl!!!!! Jane

  2. Very cute, and they match everything in your kitchen so well!!!

  3. What a cheerful, comfortable space! I love the mix of patterns and you did an excellent job -- not too heavy of a hand (sometimes people seem to go a little overboard when mixing patterns). Your color scheme (red/black/white) is so classic and I especially love the mix of woods that you have - the lighter wood cabinets and the black painted table play off of each other beautifully. Your new curtains - well, what can I say? I love them! I haven't done for many years now but when I first moved into my current home (22 years ago come August) I sewed all my own curtains out of sheets. P.S. I think you also have the perfect mix of accessories. Not too many, not too few. I hope you will not load up the tops of every surface (particularly the tops of your cabinets) with t'chokies and roosters! I like the rhythm and balance you've got going right now. Why mess with perfection?

  4. Awesome job!!! Your new curtains not only brighten up your kitchen, but they work so well with all your cute accessories. Love the pitcher with the cherries, and the new chefs you added to your decor. You'd better be glad that you don't live next door to me. I'd have you helping me sew up some fabulous curtains like you have! LOL

  5. Beautiful home! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I don't comment that often but enjoy reading your posts. Stay Cool.

  6. I love black, red and white. They all blend wonderfully together.

  7. I recognized this as you from the thumbnail image. You have such a fun distinctive style. Thanks for sharing it on BeColorful this week. That fabric is perfect for this space. Great job.


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