Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Boy Room!

I posted before and showed pictures but  deleted it. I finally finished my son's room. He is 9 and he had a cars themed room and told me he is to old for that now! lol.  He said he wanted a red, black and white room. So being on a budget  and trying to do something bright and cheery for him This is what i came up with
i went to Kmart and thought the Joe Boxer bedding was cute! But expensive. Specially when you need to dress two beds.  I really wanted to buy the black and white stripe comforters but  they were to much. So i bought 2 throws, and 2 pillowcases. The straps that were part of the packaging of the throws , i used on the valance i made for him.
I had the yellow material and the stripe.  I bought the little letter pins from Hobby Lobby
Also the Doggy print! ( son loves dogs)
The bedskirts are from the Mickey  Mouse collection at Kmart they were on sale! The rug i had.
The stripe base lamp was from Hobby Lobby clearanced by mistake!:)
These frames were $5.00 also Hobby Lobby . Just waiting for his 4th grade picture!
The sheets were $5.00  from Fred Meyer. Eventually i want to get the Joe Boxer ones if they ever go on sale too.   My son is very happy with his room. ( thank  god) Oh i forgot, I bought the comforters at Walmart $15.00  a piece . ( just black ) SO he stays warm in the winter. And i didn't have to spend $50.00 a piece for the ones i originally wanted!   Now if he starts cleaning his" BIG BOY Cave" on a regular basis , momma will be very happy!:) . This was a quickie i did for photos, I did not show the other part of his room where i threw the messy stuff at. Lol! Plus who wants to see a bunch of video games, cords !


  1. You did an awesome job on this room! I love everything and how you got some great deals on all the cute stuff. Just saw your kitchen and love the chair covers and shades with the new curtains. I am still loving color like you do!

  2. Makes me wish I had a sweet little guy still at home. Thanks for sharing. I liked it so much I am featuring your room tonight on this week's Motivated Monday at Becolorful.

  3. His room came out great. I was going to say adorable, but a young man would not appreciate that, would he? Wonderful project.

  4. That is an awesome room! I love your creativity on a budget....I have to do that too. But it's fun to me to try and save where I can. LOVE the valances with the Joe Boxer Straps---Genius! He's a lucky boy to have such a creative and fun momma! Happy Summer Ya'll from Houston, TX

  5. What a cute room! Oh his room is super cool!!!!! It really did turn out fabulous!


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