Sunday, July 8, 2012


Do you ever post  pictures of rooms in your house and then look at them and all of a sudden you start tweaking the room?  I do all the time.
Or you realize you need or want something?. Like my kitchen eating area. I had one chair cover. So i wanted to see what it would look like . So now i want 3 ( on order)  I wanted a runner. So i made one. Oh and let'see what my mom has , like those Red Rooster pictures that i think would look good in my kitchen.
oh and yes red lampshades!
Today i went to the supermarket and went thru the magazine section! Finally after a year i swear there was 2 magazines i would of bought if they were not $9.99.( to much). I have not bought a Home magazine in a LONG time.  So boring. But today i saw color! And one of the mags said color is coming back! Wohoo!
Finally .... Maybe i will save some of my tips and buy one when i can!..
Ok, what am i going to do next?? what room??  I like my family room  the way it is.. maybe a different pillow... hmmm. always thinking!


  1. Your home is so pretty! And I know exactly what you mean about tweaking - one thing leads to another! :) I'm so glad color is coming back. I love seeing the all white rooms but I could never live like that. I love color!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love color too! I need to tweak....haven't in a long time! Great room pictures!

  3. Oh, that "tweaking!" Drives me crazy it does, because sometimes when you think you're still not done, that something could be added, or changed just a little bit, you can end up doing too much of a good thing! I hope you do not take this the wrong way -- but your dining table is very small and you've only got 4 chairs around it. Four checkered slipcovered chairs may be a little too much of a good thing? That's just my take on it. This is probably in your plans for the future. You need a larger table - maybe a round one - but to do that you'd have to relocate your chandelier, and to relocate your chandelier you would want to remove the giant rectangle of light not too far away to the right in your photos! But doing that would mean the other giant rectangle of light on the other side of the kitchen area would be out of whack. Hmmm.... Anyway, for what's it worth, maybe you could try two check slipcovered chairs, one at the end of each table, and two "plain" chairs anchoring the middle of the table on either side. Love the red chandy covers, they had a real spark of color, and your custom-made table runner is beautiful! For special occasions or just to change things up, you could add and remove the check slipcovers whenever. Perhaps cloth the chairs during the winter, and strip them bare (oooh!) during the warm months. And I'm with you 100% on the color thing. Sooooo glad to see colors start to show up again in the decorating magazines. Shocked to the core today when I picked one up at the supermarket, didn't even look at the price but thought the bill was a little high. But then, after I read the whole mag cover to cover I checked the price and - $9.99! WHAT! That is absolutely obscene! I definitely will NOT make that stupid mistake again! Geez! $9.99 for a magazine!

    1. Well thank u for your thoughts! But my table will be fine with all 4 slipcovers because that is what i want. lol. Yes i would love 2 more chairs and actually icould just hit myself. This table came with a piece to make it bigger . I only used it for holidays. Somehow during our move i think i okd my husband to get rid of it . Big mistake. Was so overwelmed who knows what i was oking:( . And another thing my pictures do not do our rooms justice. I am a terrible photographer and from what many have said looks better in person.Color , rooms bigger ect. But oh well until i get a professional photographer in here that is the way it is. Also sure i would like a bigger table but until this breaks i am keeping it.

  4. I love the additions! I had to scroll down to see what "tweaking" you felt needed to be done. Love your curtains and how the chair slipcover picks up the black and white check in the curtains. The lampshades were a great touch, too. Great job on the runner! I love the extra long ruffled end.

  5. I'm a big fan of black and white and your punch of red really makes a great room! I really can't believe how much magazines are now...I just wait until I visit the dentist's waiting room anymore.

  6. Love the red and black, your kitchen is looking beautiful you were right the rooster pics are perfect for the space.

  7. I'm so glad you left me a comment so I can now add you to my blogroll! Your dining room is awesome! I LOVE all the checks and that rooster chandelier is fabulous! We have very similar style I think. :)
    Have a good night


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