Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden ! Grass and special lookout buddy!

Summer is flying by. Last few days it has been hot here so i have been making sure i water the garden at night.  I have been slowly replacing the flowers in the fountain. Dead heading and getting carried away with the slug bait. Darn slugs, eating all the leaves.
The Zinnias have bloomed from last year.
Lots of green in the window box.
who is that cutie watching me thru the window? Wonder if he likes me blowing kisses at him....
The urns are blooming slowly! Hopefully next year we will see the climbing roses.
Mr Gnome is still greeting our guests.
I made a stone in honor of our missed beloved Gino. xoxo
Oh there he is again. Watching mommy . Glad he made himself at home. Hmm. wonder how he got on that table. Hoping he knows a window is blocking him.
r U WONDERING WHY I AM NOT SHOWING THE YARD? Did i mention my husband takes care of the grass?
Hmmm. dead grass. Beautiful beds with dead grass.
Did i mention I am firing my husband who is supposed to keep our grass nice? One more thing i need to take over. .......:( .  Maybe watering it will help....


  1. What a beautiful garden, wow! You've done a great job on it!

    Have a great weekend! XO ~Liz

  2. Haha I already fired my husband - ours looks a LOT worse than that!

  3. Even with the dead grass spots it's a beautiful yard and garden. Can we trade yards? This year has been especially tough on grass - the early spring here in WI made everything bloom about 3 weeks early, then we got a frost that killed lots of blooms; then the extreme un-Wisconsin like heat and humidity came and no rain to speak of for what seemed like forever but the weather people keep insisting it was only 2 months, not 4. We're still way below normal for rain and the lawns show it. And I watered too! Lots of insect damage (sod web worms that grow into those nasty little beige moths that hover just above the surface of the grass and come out in droves at night). I'm so discouraged, don't know if I'll even try to overseed when the cooler weather comes. And how did the doggy get on the table - sounds like a riddle! He's so cute. Your home looks kind of like a fairy tale cottage, warm and inviting.


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