Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small projects!

Besides being entertained by the most amazing dog in the world
I have completed a runner for our bedroom
Used some matching bedroom fabric
Then I found these great chairs for 3.00 a piece at the Goodwill. They were faded brown with a few cobwebs on them. But Nothing some spray paint can't fix!
I will show both in a later post.  And now I am working on a new project. Valances for my mom's living room. Almost done then I will take pictures.
I know you were wondering why I had 4 bowls for Harley . But actually The SPitfire Rudi likes to fight over them . ANd Harley likes to plant himself right in the middle of all 4 so Rudi can't eat. Nothing ever changes. Boys r boys. Now they are both asleep right in front of the bowls. Stubborn stinkers!


  1. Morning Mishelle! As always another beautiful sewing project. You did an excellent job with the ruffle - not easy getting them sooo even!!! I really need to stop coming by here because everytime I do I want to redo everything in my house. Love love that chair in black especially the texture of the rush seating? That's one cute chick sitting there too. Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  2. Hi, Mishelle! Adorable runner! I like how you used the two colorways of houndstooth fabric. VERY cute!

  3. Wow, I haven't visited for a few weeks and you have this wonderful new intro picture at the top. Gorgeous! Such a pretty view from the window, and the draperies are to die for. Sigh.

    As for your two male dogs, I do not know how long you have had them, or how old they are. When I adopted Spencer (a Peekapoo) back in 1986, he was a little over a year old and very much used to being the king of the room he was locked up in all day. In 1987, I adopted Jocques, a miniature Schnauzer, who used to be locked outside in all kinds of weather, and was very hyper and scared to death of storms (I am, too). I was not sure how it would work, introducing Jocques into the household after having been successful in settling down Spencer, but having both of them neutered helped a lot. I did not intend to "breed" them so it was the smart, logical and humane thing to do. They did fight over the food dishes until I trained them to eat at two separate stations -- and made sure I put down food at the same time. Spencer food and water were there, and Jocques' food and water were here. It worked. It helped that both of them were under 2 years old at the time I adopted them, and I was a very strict Mommy!

    Both doggies have long since passed on to the Happy Hunting Ground in the Big Sky, and I no longer keep any canine friends. It was very hard to lose them, I never want to go through that again.

    Perhaps there is a Dog Whisperer in your district??? I would look. It is not good to have disharmony in the household. Dogs are "people" and they want order and harmony, just like we do. Help them out!

  4. That chair looks so good painted black! You got a good deal for sure. I was just looking at your cute kitchen and you are so making me want to do a makeover and have lots of black and white in my kitchen. I would need to repaint and don't want to 'cause it's a pain!


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