Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn in moms house part 2!

Dining area!

And the back entry!
Ok and now i am going to sneak in a picture of her new bedding she got. Has nothing to do with Autumn but who cares !:)
Isn't it cute? My mom looked at the picture and said it looks like a little girls room. Lol. but then she smiled and said " she loves it!'

Speaking of little girls. I had to take a picture of her lamp . Cause she used a little baby girls dress for the lampshade! lol. Brilliant! 
Some of you have commented how my mom and I decorate alike. And yes we do!  You should see us shopping. If one of us eyes something and the other does , and there is only one of the item. Watch out! 
One of us always relents if the other REALLY wants it. But there has been a few things that have been regretted. lol. But somehow my mother seems to talk me into giving it to her  eventually.. But I am learning that skill  from her .  She is my best friend , I love her so much and i give in. BUT she never hears the end of it! Right mom? Love u.....:)  Now give me that chair back! just kidding......
Next post will be My home for Autumn. Well the porch anyways. ....


  1. Your mom's home is lovely. Love the fall decor. It looks so cozy!

  2. Never tire of browsing her home. Denise

  3. I love your mom's home it's so ready for fall. I love all the colors.

  4. So pretty! The back entry is so cute! =)

  5. She does such a great job decorating. I would love to go shopping at her house!


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