Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I see the light!

 I dislike dark rooms . I need light! Specially if I want to lay on the couch and read. Specially since my eyesight is getting bad. Specially since one of my doggies is half blind and needs a lot of light to get around.
So since i couldnt  find anything i really liked I got creative . Redoing lampshades I already had but was not using. And spending about$10.00 for a light bulb kit thingy and a  rooster lamp base at Value Village
While I am at it , i had to show these cute hanging trays I got At hobby Lobby. God i love that place!:) linking to


  1. Cute lampshades! Can I ask where you bought the cute little checked cups that are on your dining room table in your header photo??

  2. Looks great, and I love your curtains!!

  3. Love Love Love it as well as the "love" pillow. I had my eye on that home sweet home sign too. I just visited another new Hobby Lobby yesterday and if hubby wasn't waiting for me I would have done a lot of damage!!! I only picked up a few christmas things. 2 MacKenzie catalogs came this month and I am loving the christmas arrangements with the checked ribbon so thats what I was looking for. I thought of you when I saw the black/white striped rug with the floral border....I wish I was rich!!lol Can't get that rug off my mind!lol

    I figure you are the only one in blogland that gets that look which is why visiting here is so much fun!

    Have a fun weekend
    sincerely, jeannette

  4. I wish you could just jump on over,be one of My best friends so you could decorate My home for Me.I would start all over,even at My age-60,if you were here to direct.

  5. I love the shade! Used the red fabric in my daughter's room and it's so fun! I'm looking for a hanging pendant kit like that-they didn't seem to know what I was talking about at the hardware store! :)


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