Friday, February 14, 2014

Client Dining Room

I have been working with a client with what started out to be a family room update . To kitchen,
to entry way , now dining room. I am having a great time working with her! The painters are coming Monday  for what Is hoped to be a 6 day .project ! ( fingers crossed)Then I get to set up , rearrange furniture and add new accessories to the rooms.  You know I enjoyed every minute of shopping for all of that. :)
I have painted some existing furniture, made valances and drapes, and  reupholstered  a chair.
I was pretty much organized and ready to go. Then she called me and said " Will you help with my dining room??" Of course I paused a little to not let it show how  EXCITED I was  to help her"!  
She picked PEPPERCORN paint for her dining room. I do remember telling her about how pretty that
looked in a friends house. Small  hint!    Not sure if she got that hint, til she called me and said  her dining room got painted  that day !  PEPPERCORN. and that  her husbands cousin was installing white chair rail to the bottom of the wall as we were talking...... So I got on  it and designed a board with ideas. We have already ordered the stripe drapes. And I found a rug at Home Goods today. And have been looking everywhere for the right chairs....

                                                SW Peppercorn

Nothing is  for sure. We already picked a rug that wasn't on here! The chandy,  drapes and square table (existing) have been confirmed. I will post all the rooms when we they are done!

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  1. WOOOOOWWW! I am so impressed, what a fantastic transformation. You have such great vision, unlike me! :)


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